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The Loading & Unloading Experts

Wondermove’s on-site labor service is perfect for situations when you don’t need a moving truck, but still need some strong, experienced movers. We can help you load or unload just about anything from rented trucks to storage units. Need to relocate a bedroom set or a treadmill within your home, piece of cake. If you’re planning to move cross-country in your rented moving truck, we’ll make sure your items are properly loaded and safely secured.

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Trained Crew
Moving Dollies
Basic Tools
Shrink Wrap

Recommended Materials (If Loading)

Whether we’re loading moving trucks, self-storage units or portable storage units, we strongly recommend having high quality moving blankets and ratcheting tie-down straps available for our movers. These materials both protect and prevent your items from shifting while in transit to your final destination. If you would like to purchase these materials through Wondermove, your relocation specialist is more than happy to provide a quote based on the size of your inventory.


We know how much those hardwood floors and freshly cleaned carpets mean to you. That’s why we take protecting your home as seriously as protecting your furniture. We include basic home protection materials with every move. If you need more thorough protection throughout your home, we can help with that too.

  •  Included: Entranceway Floor Runner & Door Protection
  •  Additional: Hardwood Floor Boarding & Protective Carpet Film

Quickly moved a 300lb smoker for me. I’d recommend them for your moving needs!