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The Loading & Unloading Experts

Wondermove’s hourly labor service is the ideal solution for those times you don’t require a moving truck but still need the expertise of strong, seasoned movers. Whether it’s loading or unloading items from rental trucks to storage units, or moving heavy furniture like a bedroom set or treadmill within your home, we’ve got you covered. Planning a cross-country move with a rented truck? Our team will ensure your belongings are expertly loaded and securely fastened, giving you peace of mind for the journey ahead.

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Recommended Materials (If Loading)

For optimal protection and stability during transit, we advise using premium moving blankets and tie-down straps if we’re load moving trucks or portable storage units. These essential tools safeguard your belongings from damage en route to your destination. Interested in acquiring these materials? Wondermove offers them for sale, and your dedicated relocation specialist can furnish a tailored quote to match your inventory size.


We know how much those hardwood floors and freshly cleaned carpets mean to you. That’s why we take protecting your home as seriously as protecting your furniture. We include basic home protection materials with every move. If you need more thorough protection throughout your home, we can help with that too.

  •  Included: Entranceway Floor Runner & Door Protection
  •  Additional: Hardwood Floor Boarding & Protective Carpet Film

Quickly moved a 300lb smoker for me. I’d recommend them for your moving needs!