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Moving & Residential Storage Experts

Across Southeast Michigan, Wondermove offers secure residential storage solutions at competitive rates. Our local warehouses, featuring 24/7 monitoring, ensure your belongings are safe and sound, giving you peace of mind. Tailored to meet any need, our storage options—from short-term to long-term—are designed to integrate seamlessly with our comprehensive services.

With Wondermove, you’ll find unmatched convenience and value for all your residential storage needs, ensuring a smooth transition from pickup to delivery. Dive deeper into our exceptional storage solutions below and see how we can simplify your storage experience.

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How Are Items Stored?

Your items are securely stored in individual ‘storage vaults,’ ensuring optimal safety and organization. Designed to hold 1-2 rooms’ worth of belongings, each vault offers generous space. For larger items, our warehouse includes a dedicated oversized section, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every need.

Benefits Of Vault Storage

  •  Loaded by trained professionals to maximize available storage space
  •  Experts in proper loading techniques to avoid damages
  •  24/7 Monitoring

A Private Home…For Your Sofa

At Wondermove, safeguarding sofas and sectionals during storage is paramount. Recognizing the vulnerability of these bulky items in traditional vaults, we’ve innovated to ensure their protection. We allocate a specialized crate for each sofa, embodying our personalized care and dedication to security. This bespoke approach underscores our promise of excellence in storage services, keeping your cherished furniture in immaculate condition while under our watch.

Storage Inventory Experts

At pickup, we carefully catalog your belongings, creating a detailed inventory that benefits everyone:

  • Condition Verification: We record each item’s condition to maintain its integrity during storage.
  • Efficient Retrieval: Our system allows for swift location and retrieval, making pickups and deliveries hassle-free.
  • Peace of Mind: The knowledge that every item is accounted for offers you the reassurance needed during storage.

How Many Vaults Do You Need?

Size of Move Vaults Needed
Studio Apartment 1-2 vaults
1 Bedroom Apartment 2-3 Vaults
2 Bedroom Apartment 3-5 Vaults
2 Bedroom Townhome 4-6 Vaults
3 Bedroom Townhome 5-8 Vaults
3 Bedroom Home 7-10 Vaults
4+ Bedroom Home 8-12+ Vaults

The Wondermove difference

Fully Owned & Operated Warehouse
24/7/365 Security
Temperature Controlled Facility
Oversized Items Accepted
Last Minute Jobs
Furniture Pads Included