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Your Move, Your Schedule: Dedicated Trucks, No Outsourcing, Real-Time Tracking

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Wondermove is your trusted partner, spanning Ann Arbor to Metro Detroit. Our team of seasoned movers, backed by over 13 years of expertise, ensures your long distance moving experience is smooth and stress-free. We’re known for our swift, industry-leading delivery times and unwavering commitment to success.

Your journey begins with a complimentary on-site moving estimate, followed by comprehensive support from a dedicated relocation specialist. With Wondermove, your long distance move is guaranteed to proceed smoothly and on schedule, every step of the way.

Why Wondermove?

How far do we move?

We’ve moved clients to over 38 states. Check out our coverage map below to see if your next long distance move is within our serviceable range.


Starting to plan?

You can get started by either clicking the link below to complete our online form or by contacting our office to speak with a relocation specialist.


WONDERMOVE vs. Competitors

Crew Consistency
The crew that loaded your belongings is also the crew that delivers them.
Delivery Timeline: 1-2 Days
Once your items are loaded, we get on the road. Our competitors take weeks
Exclusive Truck Use
We never combine truckloads. Our truck is your truck.
Full Service Packing
We can pack your TV or your entire home so you don't have to lift a finger.
No Outsourcing
Wondermove owns the entire process. We never subcontract our moves.
Quote Accuracy
Simple pricing and knowledgeable staff = no surprises


We know how important it is to keep your hardwood floors and carpet protected during your long distance move. That’s why we take protecting your home as seriously as protecting your furniture. We include basic home protection materials with every long distance move. If you need more thorough protection throughout your home, we can help with that too.

  •  Included: Entranceway Floor Runner & Door Protection
  •  Additional: Hardwood Floor Boarding & Protective Carpet Film


Valuation coverage is the moving industry’s version of “insurance.” The type of coverage selected determines the liability Wondermove (and any other mover) assumes in the event of loss or damage. We want to provide maximum peace of mind on your long distance move and believe this starts with maximum transparency. Here are some helpful resources that explain these options in further detail and a list of possible liability exclusions.

Fact: Wondermove has a claims rate of ~2% vs. the industry average 20%

Valuation Coverage Explained  Liability Exclusions

This was my first long distance move but I have used several moving companies both in Michigan and New York and this was by far my smoothest moving experience.

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