Ship your boxes home

Available To Student Storage Customers

Simply Label
Boxes To Be Shipped
Shipped Via FedEx Ground
Delivered within 5-10 days of pickup date (based on location)
$100 Insurance Included
Per Box


Boxes weighing more than 70lbs cannot be shipped. Contents will need to be split and repackaged. Additional charges apply.

Unboxed Items

Duffel bags and suitcases can be shipped as-is, however a surcharge exists for unboxed items.

Shipping Zones


Shipping Rates

Please Note: Additional charges apply for boxes weighing 50 – 70lbs


Shipping Zone Small Box
Large Box
XL Box
Zone 1 $44 $53 $132
Zone 2 $50 $58 $142
Zone 3 $56 $78 $152
Zone 4 $72 $85 $162
Zone 5 $93 $115 $172